New Brunswick
Association of Respiratory Therapists


New Brunswick Lung Transplant Patient Support Program

 Lifesaving lung transplant surgery is not available in Atlantic Canada. New Brunswickers needing a lung transplant are referred to either Toronto General Hospital or the Montreal hospital (CHUM) for assessment and surgery. This process can take several months. 

The lung transplant journey is complicated: out-of-province medical services, relocation, the requirement for a support person, out-of-pocket costs, and pre- and post- operation medical care are difficult to navigate. 

Since 2010, NB Lung has supported over 150 New Brunswick patients and their families navigate this process. Each patient receives ongoing support according to their individual needs before, during and in the years after their transplant, and are supported through the numerous stages of paperwork required for each step of the journey. Family members are provided ongoing emotional support as well. 

If you know a New Brunswicker in need of a lung transplant, please refer them to NB Lung’s Patient Support Program by visiting or calling 1-800-565-5864. Ext. 107.